Dr. Talebzadeh Practice

Patient Testimonials

"I had the best experience. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I Felt no pain, and surprised that I had very little trauma to my mouth since my bottom wisdoms were impacted. I didn't even need stitches. This surgeon must have really good hands. His nurses are great as well and office very clean. Made me feel really comfortable. I procrastinated getting them pulled for like 10 years. So relax and don't worry! You're in great hands :)"

- Rhea T.

"Dr. Talebzadeh is not only a very knowledgeable doctor, he also really cares about his patients. Dr. Talebzadeh and his staff were extremely friendly, and made a not so fun experience, better than I had expected. They not only made me feel comfortable by fully explaining the procedure, and answering all of my questions about the recovery process, but they were also warm, and caring about it, which made me confident I was in good hands."

- Jennifer W.

"Okay, so I went here to get my wisdom teeth removed, so how good could it be, right? Well, they did the best they could to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Talebzadeh explained what they needed to do and the risk that were involved, to which he assured me everything would be fine. The nurse and doctor really put me at ease with the jokes and small talk. I went in feeling really nervous and anxious, but by the time I was to be operated on, those were put to bed. The operation took 30 minutes and I woke up shortly thereafter. Definitely the best oral procedure I've had done."

- Jeremiah F.

"Dr. T. and his staff were very competent and explained what was going to happen. It was over very quickly. They did everything they could to make such a crappy thing as comfortable as possible. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed. I would definitelyrecommend him."

- Karen M.